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Hey! New pics..during my 1st month of off season, eating, training and bulking..
Im really focus on my main objetive, so I giving all of me for this dream..
Hard Work Pays Off…


Hey, i'm 15 years old and i'm trying to bulk up and my question is is it necessary to get a personal trainer? And how much protein powder should i take a day?

Hey! Well, it depends in what’s your knowledge about some topics that are essential on this sport. If you want to do the right things, you should know some basic concepts about how your body works, how’s the best way to workout, what and when do you need to eat, etc..

If you get a personal trainer all this things will be easier for you, because you will just have to do what he says and dont have to worry about getting that knowledge.

About the other question..I guess that when you said “protein powder” you mean the protein that you get from your daily diet, and from the protein shakes.

Well, in my opinion the quantity of protein should be around 2,5 - 3 gr for each LEAN kg of bodyweight. These values are for people who take sport seriously and do the right things every day.

If you are a teen, I think you dont have to worry about this, if you do 5-6 meals per day, and you eat different kind of foods during the whole day, and you train hard, You will bulk up..at that age you dont have to worry about getting fat, unless you have a genetical predisposition to get fat.

Hope I could help you!


why are you getting less carbs than protein in your mass gaining phase?

Hi! Well, i eat less carbs than protein for 2 reasons.

1- If i add lots of carbs I will get fat! And i dont want that! I dont need to be big with lot of fat, i need to grow, but in lean muscle terms.

2- If i reduce the proteins, Im afraid I cant grow, because now im cleaning my body so i dont use any supplement, I must be sure that a good quantity of amino acids are travelling around my blood!

Keep Training..!


Diet..some changes..


My new diet! Its time to renew my diet, now im around 95 kg, the goal is arrive to 100 kg before christmas..Keeping clean..

Working out..

Like I said few weeks ago, now its time to GROW! So training is really important for this process, I think training involves 20% of this magical and hard process.

Right now, my weaker points are my chest, my hamstrings and my calves..That’s why I have to train them harder and more often than the rest of the muscles. During the following 3 months I will train my chest at the beginning of the week, and then at the end of the same, so I will work out my pecs twice a week.

First training, wich will be developed on Monday, will consist in 3 excercises; 1st and 2nd one will be superset excercises, and the 3rd one will be a burner excercise.

1st day: CHEST

    Flat bench press  8-8-10-10-15  (170-160-140-120-100 kg.)


    Incline dumbell press 8-8-10-10 (42-42-37-37kg.)

    Incline dumbell flyes 4x12 (37-37-27-27 kg.)


    Incline barbell bench press  8-8-10-10 (100-90-80-60)

3)  Chest parallel Dips 4 x failure

South American Contest video..check it out..

Now its time to grow..

After 17 weeks of low carb diet, now its time to eat, sleep, and work out..IT’S TIME TO GET HUGE!

My main goal for next year is the WORLD IFBB JUNIOR CONTEST, wich will take place in november. So, I need to get bigger, at such level I will find amazing guys with great muscularity and awesome definition. I cant be less than them! I must find the way to equal my conditions.

So this week start my off season phase..

My off season diet, during september-november will be:


150 gr oats

6 eggs

1/2 morning:

150 gr potatoes

200 gr meat


100 gr spaguetti

200 gr meat

1/2 evening:

300 gr potatoe

200 gr meat

Before training:

1 fruit + protein shake

After training:

1 fruit + 50 gr oats + protein shake


200 gr chicken + 2 pieces of bread

Before sleep:

200 gr meat + vegetables

2nd place, South American I.F.B.B. Contest, Junior heavyweight division

Well..The title says everything..I got the 2nd place, again the same guy that won at the Argentinian contest 3 weeks ago, won in chile to..

I spent a wonderfull weekend, it was a great contest, full of good vibrations..

Im happy, i made great improvements since last year, and I hope to keep like this, improving, getting bigger, better..

Now its time to think in the future, 2011 will be MY year, last year as Junior, so I will take advantaje of that, Now its time to grow, its time to eat, train and sleep…